Pray for Us

The following is a list of most urgent prayer requests:    
1.  Pray for ChristSong’s Spiritual walk and growth in God’s anointing.

2.  Pray for the upcoming ministry listed on our calendar and our obedience to follow God’s will for each date   
3.  Pray for God’s provision to meet our present needs:
                       a. Upcoming expenses for trips: gas, food, etc.
                       b. Doors to open to new churches
                       c. Monthly support from more individuals and churches

4.  Pray for doors to be open and the discernment to know which doors to walk through.

5. Ability to see divine appointments as He puts them in our path.

6. Pray for hearts to be prepared by the Holy Spirit to hear the Word of Truth.

7. Pray for those who make decisions and those who do not.

8. Pray for the families of the inmates; for their relationships with the Lord, but also their needs spiritual, physical and emotional.

9. Pray that God will continue to expand our territories.

10. Pray that the vison He has given us for the Soldiers Lair will come to fruition.