Perry Shaw


Perry is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is a called man of God and heads our Team 2.
 Perry loves the Lord and serves Him wherever He leads. We are blessed to have him as a team member and also a board member.


Terry Trantham



Terry K . Trantham newly elected secretary for Christ Song. Saved in the early 1970's, married to Diana for 36 years, two stepsons, 8 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren. Worked at paper mill for 39 years.  I have gladly served the Lord on several committees, taught some Sunday School classes and served on the Deacon body. I have been a member of Crestview Baptist Church for 20 years. I met Bobby and Nan at Crestview one Wednesday night and have been friends every since!!

Jason Haley


Jason Haley lives in Canton North Carolina. He makes a living as a machinist and tool maker. He has been blessed with a wonderful wife and loving family. Jason enjoys serving the Lord through Crestview Baptist Church where he was saved by the Grace of God in 2010.  He has stood behind ChristSong since we met at Crestview in 2010.

Kenny Coleman


We have known Kenny since 2010. We met him at one of our services inside. When he was released, he started supporting our ministry and he and his wife, Rose, have become close friends. In fact, Bobby had the honor of performing their marriage ceremony at Hebron Colony Chapel. He is a constant advocate for ChristSong and we are so blessed to have him on our team.

Appie Cook III


 Appie, better known as A.D. is our videographer and a filmmaker in his own right. We met him in 2018 when he was part of the team that made our first music video. Since then, he has done all of our videos, including our documentary, Damage Done. He loves ChristSong and is always looking for ways to promote us and serve the Lord.

Nan McGee



 Wife of Bobby and co-founder of ChristSong, Nan has served as Administrator and Treasurer since we became incorporated. She travels with the ministry, serves as Manager and Booking Agent, singer, speaker and chief cook and bottle washer. She was saved in 1997, when she realized that though she had always know Jesus in her mind she needed a relationship with Him. She is the mom of 5, grandmother of 8 and has been married to Bobby since 1997.